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Benita Krista Nall ~ Cozy Leigh

Cozy Leigh is a personal trainer with big dreams of having a fitness empire; she’s driven and sexy.  A young woman looking for love in all of the wrong places, she decides to venture into an abstinent lifestyle; hoping to find some direction.  Cozy turns to a place where most women go for advice . . .  the internet.  It is here that she discovers “The Celibacy Oath” and her journey begins .




Tracey Ann-Marie Nelson ~ Iris

Iris is the best friend we all want.  She keeps Cozy on her toes.  Iris is that person who says what everyone else is thinking, but wouldn’t dare say. Sometimes that’s a good thing…sometimes, not so much.  Studying for her PhD., Iris is equal parts brains and sass…a dangerous combination.

Phill Branch ~ Vaughn

Vaughn is that guy every girl needs in her life. He has your back, but won’t always tell you what you want to hear. He’s the person who’ll actually say that you look fat in those jeans.  A chef, Vaughn is always up for new adventures. He has the life that Cozy’s looking for.  The dream job, the love of his life . . . if he could only keep certain thoughts in his head, he’d stay out of trouble.

Vanessa Paul ~ Sylvia

Sylvia, Cozy’s mom, means well, but doesn’t always give the best advice.  A widow, she has now secretly re-entered the dating scene, causing the mother-daughter roles to reverse and Cozy ultimately having to reel her in.

Casey Lee ~ James

James is the man that Cozy can’t quite wash out of her hair. He is equal parts charming and jerk. James and Cozy are long time friends who fell in love.  Unfortunately, James couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering. Even though the two of them aren’t together, James keeps showing up. He’s a family friend and a major distraction for Cozy as she tries to start over. Even though he’s made some mistakes, she wonders if he’s the one.

Victoria Gabrielle Platt ~ Joelle

 Joelle, Cozy’s sister, is her nemesis.  She is what Cozy is not.  Well-to-do, married and always pregnant. They love each other, but Cozy can’t help but experience “sister envy” whenever in her presence.




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