About the Show

The PuNanny Diaries follows Cozy Leigh on a journey to get her life together, one piece at a time. She starts by signing a celibacy oath.

Before Cozy discovered love, she discovered “third base.”  If Cozy were living in New York with her three best girlfriends, she would be the “Samantha” of the group; so choosing to be celibate is a tall order.  But since taking THE OATH, her world has been more like “No Sex In The City.”

With a new growing business, needy friends, crazy family, and frequent panic attacks, Cozy is constantly on her toes. Her family doesn’t get her, men don’t relate to her and, to be honest, she isn’t quite sure if she understands herself. The PuNanny Diaries is about a woman hoping to find love, while figuring out how to love herself first.


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